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The air intakes collection at Carpart4u.com include all the great quality. They are finely designed and high performing items. Like other items on the site, these too come from their original equipment manufacturers (OEM). These after market items have no difference in the quality performance with those ones that most car brands are using. The collection includes wide range of them. You can find the air intake you need for your car. Carpart4u.com has considered brand and model wise differentiation among the air intakes. You will find it difficult to find a similar source of air intakes that encompasses the most from the most.

The air intakes have excellent designs that will soak most of the airs inside of the car. The channeling system tunes up perfectly to pass the compressed airs into the combusting chamber. Because of such detail and sophisticated alignment of the design, the air intakes will give your car engine best feed to run more miles than others will.


All the air intakes available in Carpart4u.com are easy to install. You will not need mechanic help to fit them into your car. They come in ready to install form. Soon you place your order; the product will reach you in days. They will keep your car on top performing condition without any hassle. So, get on going with the air intakes from Carpart4u.com.


Air intakes collection includes three major types of air intakes. You can find here the open element intake system that you come with reusable tube, coupler and air filters. Then you can find here the sealed air intake system. You can use the sealed intake system when you want to keep it performing for long. You cannot change any part of it. Then you have the Ram air intake system. Compared with other two types of intakes, the ram is much smaller for proper fitting in car body. All these three types have their own implications on the engine performance. 

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Cold Air Intake Systems

Cold Air Intake Systems draw cold air to your vehicle, usually offer 10-15hp gain depends on your vehicle

Air Box Intake

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Air Bypass Valve

Air Bypass Valve virtually eliminates the chance of hydro-lock in the event the filter of your Cold Air intake system

Air Filter

Aftermarket Air fliter is a must have for better air flow comparing your stock intake box

Air Mass Adapter

Air Mass Adapter is a must have when you upgrading your intake system to avoid the check engine light

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Fuel Regulators for fuel injected and carbureted engines

Fuel Rail

Fuel rail is essentially a pipe (usually resembling a rail) used to deliver fuel to individual fuel injectors on internal combustion engines

Fuel Regulator Gauge

Fuel Regulator Gauge is a must have if you have upgrade your fuel pump

Cooling System

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Intercooler Piping

Durable intercooler piping is necessary for turbo charged or super charged vehicle, better flow intercooler piping and higher resistance to crack
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