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Honda Motor Company was founded by Soichiro Honda in 1948. Soichiro Honda always had a great interest in automobiles and worked as a mechanic at a tuning shop called Art Shokai in Japan. At Art Shokai, he tuned cars and entered them into races. Soichiro Honda was very bright and a self-taught engineer who also worked on designing a piston that he hoped to sell to Toyota. His first concepts were rejected, but that didn’t stop him one bit. As the hard worker that he is, he worked painstakingly to perfect his piston design. He even went back to school, and for collateral, pawned his wife’s jewelry. Eventually, he got the contract with Toyota and opened a factory to produce pistons for Toyota, which was later destroyed by an earthquake.

During World War II, there was a gasoline shortage so Honda couldn’t use his car. He then thought of an innovative idea of attaching a small engine to his bicycle as an alternative way of transportation. Thereafter, he established the Honda Technical Research Institute in Hamamatsu, Japan which he produced and developed small 2-cycled motorbike engines. Soichiro Honda reached out to 18,000 bicycle shop owners all over Japan to help contribute in revitalizing a nation that was torn apart by the war, and was able to receive enough capital for him to engineer his first motorcycle called the Honda Cub. This started the beginning of Honda Motor Company which in short time became the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles in 1964; then later, produced cars and trucks. Honda vehicles have always been known for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and affordability. This is the biggest reason why Honda vehicles are always able to retain their value and not depreciate versus other vehicles. A key factor in keeping your Honda’s value is by protecting your investment with Honda accessories.

All season floor mats, wheel covers, and tonneau covers are only a few Honda accessories to help protect your vehicle from any spills, stains, and wear and tear. At CarPart4U.com, we carry all the Honda accessories you need to keep your cars appreciation, look and feel, and comfort. Take advantage of our free shipping for all Honda accessories today! We offer the best prices for our Honda accessories and do price matches if you find a better deal out there. We’ll see you at check-out!

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