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Why Buy From CarPart4U.com
1. We love modifying our cars too!!!
2. We care about our car as much as you do.

We love modifying our cars too!!!
We drive our car everyday to work, to school; basically we drive our car everywhere we go! It does not only serve as transportation from point A to point B, there are more in it. My car represents me, and your car represents you. Everyone is unique, and so does your car. If you do not like to dress yourself like anyone else, and why do you want your car look exactly like others.


At CarPart4U.com, we offer varies selection of products, from headlights to taillights, intakes to catback exhausts, we have everything for you to make your car looks better and sounds differently, and not to mention the performance gain and weight saving.

We care about our car as much as you do.
We care about our car as much as you do, that’s why we only carry quality parts here. Every product we carry here has pass certain testing and meet different Government requirement standards.



Company History
Carpart4u.com has been found since 2005, we have served thousands and thousands of customers, providing automotive lighting and performance parts to make their car the way they like or to help customers getting their the part they need at the right price.


We started up with a few of automotive enthusiasms, when we were modifying our vehicles, we realized that there are limited sources to obtain aftermarket lighting parts like headlights and taillights; Not only the choices are limited, but the price are also rocket high too. As a result, we contacted manufacturers and started with low cost OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement headlights and taillights. In a few years, we are able to expand our selection from just headlights and taillights, to all exterior lighting parts and we offer varies style for our lights like smoke or all chrome design, and full LED taillights and projector lights with HALO rings (aka Angel lights), and also the LED strip projector headlights (aka R8 style headlight).


Besides lighting parts, we also expand our selection by start carrying performance parts like CAI (Cold Air Intake) short ram intake, racing mid pipes and cat back exhaust. All these parts not only help your vehicle breath better that leads to bigger horse power, but also make your vehicle sound better too.


Our Goal
We are working our way very hard in order to provide the item you needs and the service you want at the right price. We work very close to the manufacture to make sure the quality of our product is improving to meet the standard and able to meet your satisfaction (consider ourselves being one).

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