Engine & Emission
You may notice at car shows that a lot of the cars there have their hoods open. Aside from all the big things you notice, there are a lot of little things they use to dress up the engine bay. From simple radiator caps to cam gears and engine covers, it's the little things that may the engine bay look as awesome as it does.

Air Diversion Panel (0)

Air Diversion Panel
Air diversion panel can enhance your engine’s cooling capacity by lowering radiator’s coolant temperature. Air diversion panel also add a little bling for your engine bay

Oil Cap (17)

Oil Cap

Intake Valve (62)

Intake Valve
Skunk 2 Intake Valves reach their maximum opening and work efficiently

Cam Gears (27)

Cam Gears
With aftermarket Cam Gears, you can adjust engine’s timing for better performance, it is a must for all built engine

Intake Manifold & Engine Cover (24)

Intake Manifold & Engine Cover
Carbon Fiber Engine Cover not only can keep your engine away from the hot air, it also give your engine bay a nice touch

Engine Dampers (6)

Engine Dampers
Aftermarket engine damper can keep engine stabile in high rev, engine damper can absorb shock and dampens unwanted motion

Oil Catch Tank (4)

Oil Catch Tank
Oil catch can / overflow tank is needed to high performance force induction cars, the oil catch can collects the oil mist and condenses the fuel vapors while allowing "cleaner" gases to be passed back into the intake

Pulley & Belt (2)

Pulley & Belt
Lightweight pulley improves acceleration by reducing the rotational mass of the stock unit

Radiator Cap (13)

Radiator Cap
Aftermarket radiator cap improves pressure tolerance (1.3 /1.7 bar) over the stock 1.1 bar

Spark Plug Cover (20)

Spark Plug Cover
Spark Plug cover keep dust and obstacle away from spark plug, and it also gives your engine a unique look

Oil Drain Bolt (5)

Oil Drain Bolt
Engine Oil Drain Bolt or Car Oil Drain Bolts

Throttle Bodies (10)

Throttle Bodies
Throttle Bodies, Engine Throttle Bodies, Car Throttle Bodies

Valve Springs (12)

Valve Springs
Valve Springs, Engine Valve Springs, Racing Valve Springs
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