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Ever wanted that little extra boost of power and the sound to go with it? One of the most popular starting points is the exhaust system. CarPart4U has everything to upgrade your exhaust from the exhaust headers to the muffler.

Cat Back Exhaust Systems (506)

Cat Back Exhaust Systems
Cat Back Exhaust System is the entire exhaust after the Catalytic converter, with a larger diameter than stock, provide better air flow

Exhaust Headers (221)

Exhaust Headers
Aftermarket Exhaust Headers offer bigger diameter, and provide better and smoother air flow

Turbo Manifolds (15)

Turbo Manifolds
Turbo Manifold

Muffler (48)

Aftermarket Muffler offer different kind of exhaust tips, besides look, they also come with bigger diameter over stock

Heat Shield (7)

Heat Shield
Heat Shield or Heatshield Products Shield Your Car Exhaust System

Downpipe (67)

Downpipe is a racing pipe that replaces the Catalytic Converter, off-road use only

Catalytic Converter (4)

Catalytic Converter
Catalytic Converter need to be changed over years for emission purposes, also aftermarket offer high flow Catalytic Converter for better air flow without sacrifice emission

Uppipe (5)

Uppipe if for force induction like turbo charged or super charged vehicle, after market uppipe can route more air from exhaust to turbo

Muffler Silencer (10)

Muffler Silencer
Muffler Silencer

Thermo Wrap (3)

Thermo Wrap
Thermo Wrap
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