When to Replace Your Tires

One of the most common car parts that need to replace as they age are tires. You should note that it is the tires that keep you on the road while you are driving so it is important that you know on exactly when to replace your tires. This will ensure that you are safe while on the road and have the best driving experience whenever you drive.

If you want to determine the wear limit that should not be exceeded, you will need to learn of the state laws that apply within your jurisdiction as this differs in different areas. The best way to determine this is to use a penny that has the head of the head of Abraham Lincoln looking downwards. You should then insert the penny downwards in the tread line of the tire.

To begin with it is important that you note on some safety issues that will need immediate attention, irrespective of your tire condition. If you happen to see a bulge or a malfunction point or even damage to the side wall of the tire such as a gush or a cut on the tire, it is advised that you address this immediately as your safety while driving of greatest concern.

If you cannot see the tip of Abraham’s head, then your tires have some life in them. However, if you can clearly see the tip of Abraham Lincoln’s head, then your tires need to be changed. Other pointers to look at are uneven wear on the tires that might outline suspension damage or even uneven tire pressure. Using this simple technique, you can determine on when to change your tires.

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