What Every Driver Should Know About Car Alignment


wheel-alignment imageWheel alignment and wheel balancing are two very different fields referring to different and unrelated functionalities of the vehicle. The only relation that these two have is that they help give the vehicle a smooth and pleasant ride. Wheel alignment is a feature that refers to correcting the vehicle’s heel contact with the ground so that they are perpendicular to the ground and this gives the vehicles wheels equal wear. If tires are not aligned, the vehicle tires gets excessive wear one side and steering becomes difficult.

To get the best alignment for your vehicle, it is important that you start off with the basics. A test drive is mandatory to be carried out prior and at the end of the wheel alignment procedure. When excessive tire wear is observed on one end of a particular tire, it is important that the steering linkage is checked by a mechanic and the front end wheel alignment is checked also. This ensures that the vehicle alignment is as required.

wheel-alignment The mechanic will repair any front end wheel alignment and the steering wheel linkage if this is the problem. In some cases, these two main causes do not cause the wheel alignment problems. The most common causes that have been shown to affect vehicles other than the above noted are braking problems where the brakes are not well aligned to the wheel disk and this in turn cause the problem of wheel alignment.

Unequal air pressure is a common cause that may be mistaken for wheel alignment pressure. It is therefore vital that the vehicle is checked regularly for equal air pressure within the all wheels.  The most common indicator for this is the vehicle tending to pull to one direction. If this is felt, the tire pressure equality should be checked as first before any other.

wheel alignmentAnother common factor that have been shown to cause wheel alignment issues are the power steering and this can be determined by the mechanic who will guide you on what is required to be done to correct the alignment. When the alignment is corrected, you will note that the wheel will make partial contact with the ground, as the excessively worn out part will not be touching the ground. To avoid expensive costs, it is important that you make the determination of the wheel alignment problems early and have the problem fixed as soon as possible.


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