Top 5 Auto Accessories for Moms

If you ask people what auto accessories moms want and you’ll get answers like vanity mirrors, cup holders and safety enhancements. Ask mothers what accessories they’re looking for their daily drive and you’ll get something a little more interesting. And the following auto parts are what Mom wants, along with a few tips on selecting them.


1. Floor mats

Spyder Auto (NO INVOICE)   SUBARU IMPREZA 00-05 STI FLOOR MATS - BLACKYou can go useful with durable plastic floor mats, custom suited to your specific car with a lip to keep spills from leaking underneath. Or, if your kids are past the spilling stage, you may be ready for carpet-like mats with rubber backing and a fastening system so they stay put. These luxury mats still protect your factory carpeting, they just don’t look so industrial.



2. CD Player/Changer

Whether it’s Barney or The Boss who soothes your savage beasts, CD technology makes it possible to enjoy “home-stereo” quality music on the road. One consideration is a changer that can hold up to 12 discs and be mounted anywhere and wired into the head unit. This reduces the distraction of changing CDs and also keeps fragile discs and their packaging away from sticky fingers.


3. Fog Lights

Spyder Auto Scion TC 05-10 OEM Fog Lights - AmberFog lights have a vertically narrow beam that concentrates a bright light directly on the roadway. The fog is still there, but you’ve got a better view of road obstacles ahead. Conventional factory headlight high beams only bounce light off the fog back into the driver’s eyes. While high-end vehicles offer standard headlights that rival the quality and visibility of auxiliary systems, older vehicles generally don’t. If you drive in rural areas without the help of streetlights, consider auxiliary driving lights that have a broad horizontal beam that illuminates the shoulder of the road.


4. Stereo Speakers

If you really need to tune out back seat squabbling, component speakers will do the trick. High-end audio systems include pairs of speakers to provide high frequency accuracy, medium frequency or low frequency. If you’re a true bass freak, add a set of sub-woofers that send the music right up through your seat.


5. Seat belts

NRG 4 Point Seat Belt Harness w/ Cam Lock - BlackThis is a combo safety/cosmetic/comfort upgrade. Factory seat belts are lap and sash belts with an inertial reel that self-adjusts and retracts the belt when not in use. Since the 1980s, this type of belt replaced those rear-seat lap belts that can cause injury, especially in children. Upgrades can include tension adjusters, shoulder strap pads. Or, you might want to consider a five-point racing harness that acts like a torso straight jacket for your overactive passengers.

Looking at these car accessories overall, it’s obvious that Mom does care about safety and tidiness—after all, that’s what most Moms do.


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