Top 3 Things You Should Do Between Oil Changes

Top 3 Things You Should Do Between Oil ChangesOne of the most important elements for car maintenance is the oil change. It is easy and affordable. It enhances the engine life, lubricates, cleans and offers a smooth ride. It absorbs excess temperature too.



1. What kind of oil should be used?

Multi-viscosity oils are more preferable than thick viscous oils. These have responsibilities and variables, in order to function properly. The thinner the oil, the faster it goes up and lubricates the whole engine. The multi-viscosity oils provide a wide temperature range.

You can switch oil brands if you want to. It will not hamper engine work. Drivers are duped into wrong thinking that they cannot change types for their engines.
Manufacturers would keep telling you to change the oil frequently. The more you change, the more thy can sell. But there is no such need for this. Moreover, changing oil under manufacturer’s guarantee is for free. If the warranty has not expired, you may go as per the prior.

Modern oils have a “stepped” addictive schedule, where oils, instead of breaking down, increase the mileage ranges considerably even under severe driving conditions. If you change the oil sooner, you might not avail the benefits of modern oils.


2. When should you get you oil changed?

You can check the engine oil through a dip stick. A dipstick has a bright handle labeled as “engine oil”. Dry off the surface with a tissue or a cloth; put it back to its place. Pull it again and check the level.

I. If it is black or not lucid, then it is definitely time to change the oil.

II. If it is slightly brown or dark brown but not transparent, it is advisable to change the oil as soon as possible. The sooner, the better.

III. If it is white, then the engine coolant is mixing with the oil, which indicates a leakage.

Oil may turn black even after 500 miles, but that does not mean the oil is black. You need to check oil filters and the date it was installed.

Those who do a lot of highway driving need not change as often as local driving. Best time to change oil is in every 4 months. This will enhance mileage.


3. Usage of oil filter.

Oil filter in vehicles have a “check valve” that prevents draining of oil out of the filter back into the oil pan. The oil in the filter gets pumped to the points of essential lubrication as the starter is cranked. Thus mot allowing the bearings and cams to starve oil until engine cranks and produces peak pressure.

When people change the oil, the capacity indicates volume. And you need to increase the volume to accommodate new filter.

Dropping the pan is not needed unless there is a gasket leak that suggests changing of filter.


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