Top 10 Car Brands for Teens

car imageThere are many teens who are actually dreaming of their own car to drive. There have also been various surveys which have aimed in determining the Top 10 car brands for teens. If you are planning to surprise your teens with a car, you might want to refer on this list for the best-buy to surprise them.


The brand which landed on rank no. 10 is MINI (this is a British car maker known for jovial, compact, and functional designs). Their Cooper models have many supporters among the teens from ages 18 – 34 which have garnered 10% support.  The 9th spot is shared by two car brands. Honda is sharing it with Subaru which approximately 10.5% support from the Gen Y. Dodge landed no. 7 of the rank. This is an American automaker which has garnered a 10.7% support from the Gen Y. Kia is bagged the 6th seat with a 10.9 percent support from the buyers who participated the survey. This is a Korean automaker which owes its popularity to the recent changes made to its car designs. Gen Y who are looking for rugged looking SUVs found their haven with Jeep’s brands. Aside from the fact that it is affordable, the functionality of this vehicle is also applauded by 11.1% of customers landing on the 5th spot.


car brand for teens Exterior StylingNo. 4 spot goes to Nissan which is known for its diverse market around the globe. The most popular model is the 370Z. The German automaker Volkswagen takes no. 3 spot with 13.3% popularity. Jetta is one of its most popular models so far for young drivers. Mazda claims no. 2 rank with 13.4%. The brand is taking the center stage for its sporty designs. Finally, Mitsubishi conquers the no. 1 spot with 13.8% soaring popularity to youngsters. The following models; Evolution, Eclipse, Galant, and Outlander seems to appeal the most to the Gen Y. Many car enthusiast are quite surprise with the outcome of ranking but the figures seem to justify it all.



These are the brands which composes the top 10 popular brands among teens nowadays. Some expert would express their disagreement on the ranking but generally they would agree on the brands which composed the Top 10. If you are planning to buy a car for your teens or your mid twenties son or daughter, you can use this ranking as the basis. You can surprise them by picking the most popular or by considering the personality and style of your teen.


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