Top 10 Automotive Gadget Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is an occasion that is highly regarded by many as a day for appreciating fathers. And with most men being n love with their vehicles, do choose to give an automotive gift this Fathers day and you will be amazed of how much the gifts suggested will appeal to them.

Automotive Gadgets
The vehicle video camera is one of the best gifts that you can give to your old man, a recording device that allows recordings of up to 5 hours and help in giving a detailed chronology of events as they occurred. It is certainly a great tool that will appeal to people who would have an eye looking out for their vehicles when they are not around.
You can also give out jumper cables, as each and every person fears having a dead battery and even worse, when you get a person to assist you and you do not have these life saving cables. These help in boosting power to your vehicle easily.
With the summer with us, the auto vent is a great gift that is quite practical. This gadget works through solar power to rotate a fan that ensures that the vehicle keeps cool at all times if it is parked in the sun.
anti-sleep alarmAvoid sleeping while driving with the anti-sleep alarm, a gadget that monitors your head and body motion to trigger an alarm that wakes you up before you endanger your life. This simple device is placed around the ear and is quite affordable.
You can also get the creative magnetic wrist band that takes hold of all metallic tools, a great idea for a dad that likes DIY on the vehicle. This gadget is great as it allows for the job to be finished with no frustration as everything is held in place easily.
You can also opt for the mini DVD player that is placed on the left side of the passenger seat, and can make being in the vehicle pleasurable. If the old man loves speed, opt to go for a speed and shoot camera that allows for recording of high speeds. This camera is mounted on a particular part of the vehicle to get the best shots.
A Bluetooth car kitA Bluetooth car kit is also s great idea of a gift, especially if dad is the person that is constantly on the phone. With this, you can be guaranteed that driving is safe as both hands and eyes are on the road.

For the dad that loves washing their vehicle, get the Jetspray Nozzle. This is a great device that mixes waters and soap to get the perfect car wash mixture and perfectly fits on the palm of the hand.
For the music loving dad, do get them the Audiolink Audio Integration Kit, a device that allows for an ipod to be plugged in and play through the vehicle’s sound system as the iPod gets charged.


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