Tint Your TYC Tail Lights

If you are looking at tinting up your TYC tail lights, then there are several things that you will need to accomplish this. The first things that you will need are the lights. The best lights that you can work with are the TYC alteeza tail lights that are specific to your vehicle. You will also require a VHT night shade, a green tape used by painters, a knife, platinum garde Turtle Wax and grit remover and Mothers Polishing Ball.

You need to tape up the whole TYC alteeza tail light using the painters tape. On each of the sides that are fixated on the trunk. You should also overlap the painters tape so that the whole of the tail light is covered with minimal overlapping. Using your knife, you should also cut out the clear part of your TYC alteeza light using minimal force. This ensures that you do get great benefits that are seen with this form of lighting.

Next, set up a table that you will use for painting of your light. With this done, take up your night shade and start painting using the VHT nightshade. You should start with the top and inside of the light. While doing this, ensure that you do not overspray the night shade as you still want to be visible at night to other drivers. There should be about 7 stages of this that should be done for you to recognize significant difference.

With the painting done, give about 20 minutes per coat so that this dries off. Rub off with wet sand which comes at 2000 grit. This ensures that your night sgade isheld down well and does not easily peel off. When you are satisfied with the TYC alteeza tail lights tinting, just apply a layer of clear over them and then use a polisher. The best is a 1000-1500 3M grit fine compound. With this done, buff it up with Mothers Polishing ball and then Platnium Turtle Wax co come to a great shine.

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