The EPA Approves E15 Energy Source to Be Used in More Vehicles

If you do not already know, E15 is a mixture of 85% gasoline and 15% ethanol. Ethanol can be produced from common crops such as potatoes and corn. Unlike petroleum and coal, corn is very efficient because it is farmed and is widely grown. Since ethanol comes from a renewable energy source, it is cheaper than gasoline alone. The automotive industry is slowing changing and carmakers are well aware of that by producing “flex-fuel” cars that can safely run on blends up to 85% ethanol. In October 2010, the EPA granted a waiver that allowed cars with the model year (my) of 2007 and newer to use E15. ( Then in January 21, 2012, the EPA said that light duty vehicles and passengers cars with my2001 and newer can safely use E15 as well. The use of ethanol is increasing and we can expect to see price wars between gasoline and ethanol companies as soon as summer starts ( This competition will help stimulate the economy and protect the environment at the same time.

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