The Best Way to Repair Car Door Locks

It goes without saying that a car-door lock is an important part to keep your car safe while you’re not around. For that reason if you realize your car-door lock cannot working properly, it need to pay attention. Repairing the lock is not very difficult as long as you follow the steps below. By the way, fixing car-door lock may not be suitable for everyone to try simply because it needs some physical aspects.

First, you should use a screwdriver to remove the small screws holding the door handle in place carefully. And then remove the metal or plastic handle by using the pliers.

Second, since the lock now exposed, you can remove the small metal rod with your pliers, being very careful not to destroy the lock core in the operation.

Third, you need to cover the cloth in the cleaning fluid and remove any dirt in the lock core, ensuring to also clean the hole which you took the small rod from.

Fourth, you should Insert the new rod into the lock core, and then press down on the rod and lock to click into place by using the wrench. Also, you may buy a small metal rod to use for this task from most hardware stores and DIY outlets.

Fifth, you ought to reattach the metal or plastic handle and do any marks away with the cloth.

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