How to Replace Your Vehicle on Jack Stands

If you like to work on your vehicle, it is important that you learn on how to work on it safely so that you can gain maximally as you learn on your vehicle. One of the most important safety devices that you need to use when working under a vehicle are jack stands. These are mechanical support devices that are important to incorporate when working with your vehicle on a jack. The reason why these stands are of the greatest importance when working on your vehicle is to ensure your vehicle is supported in the event that the jack fails or even collapses.

To start out this procedure, ensure that you have your vehicles emergency brakes on. It is also advisable to use wheel chucks which ensure that your vehicle does not move when you raise it. These ought to be placed against the direction that has the vehicle is being lifted. It is advisable that you use jack stands that have flat feet as these will help in spreading the weight of the vehicle equally and prevents the jack stands from sinking in the ground.

The best lifting points that are advised to used are the pinch rail and the sub frame. These are quite strong locations that will help you in supporting your vehicle. If you happen to be working under a surface that is not very sturdy to support a lot of weight such as asphalt, use a steel plate that will help you in supporting the jack stands and also avoids it from sinking in to the ground which leaves ugly makings.

When you lift the vehicle with the jack, place the jack stands under the pinch rail and then slowly ease pressure off the jack until the vehicle is seared on the jack stands.