Use a Multimeter to Test Your Car Battery

As we know, if we want to get a wonderful driving experience, you need to keep our car parts in good working condition. So when you think your car battery is low, you may want to use your multimeter to see if it is really low. Testing a car battery with a multimeter is very simple if you are clear about what settings to use and where to connect the leads. Here are the some steps in testing your car battery with a multimeter.

First, you should open your hood and find your car’s battery. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and correctly disconnect the cables from the battery.

Second, you have to turn your multimeter off, and then set your multimeter to 50 volt scale. This will reset the meter so that you will get a more accurate reading.

Third, connect the red lead to the positive battery terminal. Ensure to put the lead on the post of the battery and not just on the cable to get the most accurate voltage reading.

Fourth, you need to attach the black multimeter lead to the negative battery terminal. Once again, put the lead directly on the post of your car battery for the most accurate reading.

Last but not least, read your multimeter gauge after 15 seconds. Battery voltage should be in the 12 plus range when the car is not running. If it’s less than that, you should replace a new battery.

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