Most Expensive Car Crash in Japan

On December 4th 2011, on e of the most expensive car crashes that has ever been documented was observed was seen in Japan. This Car crash involved eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini and three Mercedes Benz. These vehicles crash into each other as they were driving in a convoy.

It is said that the cause of this accident was the leading driver slammed into a barrier that had been erected in the middle of the road and thus causing the pile up that was observed. It is however good to note that there were no injuries that were reported, although the cost of the accident was said to be quite as going by the current ,market value of these cars, this would be quite a great cost to bear. Looking at the market value of the Ferrariā€™s in the crash, they are seen to cost several hundred thousand dollars each, thus looking at a figure that would pile into millions through a cumulative addition of this total cost.

The nearby hospitals was said to have admitted 11 people, who only suffered minor injuries. The minor injuries that were seen out of this crash can be attributed to be because of the great and increased safety measures that have been incorporated into these high end cars. It is said that these cars that were involved in the pile up were doing quite high speeds as these vehicles are made to have great breaking. It is quite interesting to note that among the cars involved in the car crash was a Prius.