How to Troubleshoot Your Car’s Exhaust System

How to Troubleshoot Your Car's Exhaust SystemIn order to check your car’s exhaust system, you should pay attention to the color and smell of the emissions from the muffler:


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5 Tips To Keep Your Car from Being Stolen

It is an expensive task to keep your car from being stolen as fixing or replacing stolen cars will cost you a lot. Fortunately, here are a top 5 tips you can follow to help keep the thieves at bay.


Lug Nuts1. Install a lug nut set

Easy-to-use wheel locks function like regular lug nuts but require a special key for removal, making your expensive rims and tires a lot less vulnerable to thieves who like shiny things, an increasingly popular trend.


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10 Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Spring and Summer

10 ways to maintain your carWhat follows are 10 ways to reverse the effects of cold winter on your vehicle. This clearly isn’t the best list of items to check, repair or replenish, but it will absolutely get you on the right course, and your car will enjoy it.


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