How to Install Acura TSX Brake

If you are looking to learn on how to install Acura TSX brake parts such as the rotor and pads, then it is advised that you take time to learn on it so that you do it well. This will help ensure that your driving experience is always a great one.

To begin this, it is required that you have already bought brake rotors and brake pads that are of high quality. This will ensure that you are able to change these. The procedure starts by placing you vehicle on a jack and removing the wheels. Next, unbolt the 12mm lower caliper so that you can pull up the pads. At this point, it is important that you check on the condition of the dust boots.

Having removed the pads, the caliper should be placed back in its original location and the bolt that fastens the calipers reinstalled. Undo the caliper bracket bolt so that the whole caliper can come out of the knuckle. The next part to come off is the rotor by unbolting the pan head bolts that are there. You might be forced to drill these out if you experience any difficulty. You should therefore have god drill bits and a drill handy for this.

You then incorporate the new rotor and caliper in the un-installation order that has been outlined. It should be noted that an allowance for the larger calipers should be created through trimming of the place where the caliper brackets sits.

With these done, reinstall the new rotor and calipers through bolting them on to the knuckle. You can also opt o lubing the sliders so that the caliper can be bolted on to the bracket.

With this done, install the brake pads, bleed out the brakes and refill the brake fluid to finish up on a new and more efficient braking system.