Changing Disc Brakes and Tires

Some car parts of your vehicle will need regular maintenance as they undergo wear and tear as you use your vehicle. One of these parts of your vehicle that needs to be addressed is how to change the disc brakes.

First off, you will start by jacking up your vehicle so that you can get the required clearance off the ground. The best place that you should place your vehicle jack is the sub arm of the vehicle as this will give ample support for the vehicle.

You should jack up the vehicle until you come to get some good ground clearance of the wheel. With this done, pop the hood and then open the brake fluid cap which allows pressure to be eased off when you are installing new brake pads.

Upon the removal of the tire you should next remove the 14mm nuts that hold the brake pads in place. With the removal of these, you should get access to the brake pads. You can examine the condition of the brake pads and make a determination on whether these pads need to be changed. If they are won out, remove the pad from the clips that hold it in the brake housing.

With this done, reinstall the brake housing by tying the 14 mm nut that you installed. Make sure that you look at the level of the brake fluid so that it is not above the level that is required. Reinstall the wheel and ensure that it is tight and your brakes are good for the road.