New Models at 2012 Manila International Auto Show

A lot of carmakers have released their new models at 2012 Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) last Thursday. Different from last year, this year’s theme is “Motorsports” and MIAS concentrates on “Life in the Fast Lane” and the new sports cars.

One of them is Ford, which launched its All-New Ford Ranger, a muscular pickup truck that’s “21st century tough.” Passengers will experience comfort inside as they do in a vehicle, yet will not doubt the car’s fording, carrying and climbing capability. Besides, its engine is 2.2 liters, and the payload capacity can handle more than 1400 kg. It can even wade in 800 millimeters of water, excellent for any flash flood in the city.

Subaru, BMW, Chrysler, Hyundai, Mini also launched their new car models. But aside from the new car models to ogle at, there are some other activities to check out.

Car enthusiasts should not fail to check out the Segway booth at the PTTC and get an opportunity to maneuver the two-wheeled device around a little track.

Neither should they miss the Classic and Custom Car exhibit at the PTTC area, although one wishes there were more cars for this category.

The country’s “fastest” car, the Ford GT, is also on display, which clocked 330.7 kph speed on the runway of the Subic International Airport in the past.


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