How to Replace a Flat Tire in an Easy Way

As a driver, it is very common to come across the inconvenience of a flat tire. This need not cause you a lot of worry that will necessitate you to call in a repair technician. Through learning on a step by step methodology on how to change a flat tire, you will come to the overall realization of a great method that you can use and that will enable you to experience an easy time changing your tire.

The first thing that you need to do is to pop the trunk and lift the hard board that covers your spare tire. Unbolt it from the location that it is fastened and ensure that it has some pressure by tapping on it with your hand.

Remove the wheel, the vehicle jack and the warning triangle. Set up the warning triangle a safe distance from where you are working to alert other drivers to be cautious as they approach your vehicle. Find a stone in the nearby location and place it at the rear wheels that you are looking at working on.

With this done, loosen the nuts to the wheel with a wheel spanner, locate a level location to insert your jack and start jacking up until there is enough clearance to remove the tire.

With this done, remove the nuts that have fastened the flat tire and replace the tire. IF there is not enough ground clearance, you can jack up some more.

When you replace the tire, replace the nuts by placing them in opposites and fasten them loosely with the wheel spanner. Lower the jack and then tighten all the nuts with the wheel spanner. Collect all your working materials and return them to the trunk.

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