Headlight Cleaning Guide

If you are looking to cleaning your headlights so that they look great and admirable, it is advised that you look at following through the guide below. In incorporating what is shown on this guide, you will come to the overall realization of a great method that will help you to come to learn of how to clean your lights.

Through using the methods that are outlined, you will remove scruff marks and smudges that soap and water has been unable to remove. The main principle that cleaning up your lights incorporate is the use of scratching on the headlights to remove any dirt that is there then buffing up the headlight with higher grade rubbing compound that has finer particles to ensure that you come to the excellent realization of a great method that you can use.

You should start cleaning your LED headlight by using a coarse sand paper of 600grit. This removes most of the dirt that might be there through scratching. You should not be worried if your headlight looks a little hazy as this is the result of the scratching of the sand paper. You should next use the finer sand paper of about 1500 grit to smoothen out the coarse lines that might have been made by the coarse sand paper. It should be noted that a lot of force need not be used as this makes the process difficult in the later stages. The force of your hand is enough and this should be done in single horizontal strokes starting from the bottom going up.

Next, use turtle wax rubbing compound to ensure that you even out the scratches that were made by the sand paper. This needs hard pressure to achieve the desired effects of clear headlight. To finish up this process, buff up the headlight using a sponge with Plastic X. this will ensure that you get a stunning headlight that you will be glad to show off.

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