Guide to Installing Hood Struts on a Toyota Camry

If you have been working on your car engine or other part that will require the hood to be up, there are times that you realize that the hood cannot stay up on its own. In this, you realize that you have to use a broom or even a pole to ensure that you keep your vehicle hood open. Upon realizing this, you should note that it is time to change your hood struts. Changing the hood struts is a simple procedure that you can incorporate yourself to ensure that you do have a great overall result.

To change the hood struts if the Toyota Camry, you need a 12mm and a 13mm wrench. All that you will need to do so that you can change on the gas struts that help keep the hood open is to use a 12mm combination spanner that will allow you in changing loosening up the bolts that hold down the gas struts that hold tit to the hood cover. While undoing these bolts, do ensure that you have a broom or a pole that is supporting the hood so that it does not fall on you as you work.

Most of the replacements that are there come in a 13 mm bolt. You should therefore fasten this using the 13 mm wrench. On the lower side of the hood strut that is attached hear the shock absorber, ensure that you do use the 12 mm bolt that was there as most replacements do not come with this attached. With this done, you can remove the broom for support as the new hood strut is ready to perform its function. You should also use the same procedure to change over to the other side and this will make your hood stand upright and on its own.

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