The Best Way to Repair Car Door Locks

It goes without saying that a car-door lock is an important part to keep your car safe while you’re not around. For that reason if you realize your car-door lock cannot working properly, it need to pay attention. Repairing the lock is not very difficult as long as you follow the steps below. By the way, fixing car-door lock may not be suitable for everyone to try simply because it needs some physical aspects.

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An Easy Way to Clean Your Headlight

As we know that the polycarbonate lenses mounted on the LED headlights of most modern vehicles are very light and withstand cracking and chipping better than normal glass. However, over years of exposure to the outside, these lenses can turn out to be yellow and hazy, lowering visibility at night, let alone they don’t look very eye-catching. You can rebuild your lenses to a near factory-fresh appearance and save money over replacements, by polishing and wet-sanding the surface of the lense. Now, let’s take a look at the step by step guide.

1. You should mask off the place around your headlight lense with painter’s tape. And then clean the whole lens with water and a mild soap to clean any dust and debris. And then you should try the lens with a lint-free cloth.

2. Put a piece of 1,000 grit sand paper in cold water about several minutes. Start sanding across the lens horizontally.

3. Change the sand paper with the next finer grit count, and vertically sand the whole surface of the lens. Be sure to remain the lens and paper wet during the process. And now you should repeat this step with each finer grit sand paper, replacing the direction of your sanding motion each time.

4. Again, wash the lens with water. Dry the lens and apply an car polishing compound. Polish the lens with a clean cloth to remove any remaining elements.

Use a Multimeter to Test Your Car Battery

As we know, if we want to get a wonderful driving experience, you need to keep our car parts in good working condition. So when you think your car battery is low, you may want to use your multimeter to see if it is really low. Testing a car battery with a multimeter is very simple if you are clear about what settings to use and where to connect the leads. Here are the some steps in testing your car battery with a multimeter.

First, you should open your hood and find your car’s battery. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and correctly disconnect the cables from the battery.

Second, you have to turn your multimeter off, and then set your multimeter to 50 volt scale. This will reset the meter so that you will get a more accurate reading.

Third, connect the red lead to the positive battery terminal. Ensure to put the lead on the post of the battery and not just on the cable to get the most accurate voltage reading.

Fourth, you need to attach the black multimeter lead to the negative battery terminal. Once again, put the lead directly on the post of your car battery for the most accurate reading.

Last but not least, read your multimeter gauge after 15 seconds. Battery voltage should be in the 12 plus range when the car is not running. If it’s less than that, you should replace a new battery.

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Step by Step Guide to Changing a Flat Tire

Every once in a while you might come to realize that you have a flat tire in your vehicle that needs changing. This is quite a huge inconvenience but it need not be an impossible task for you to perform. Learning to change a flat tire can save your time, cut on costs and on the overall lead you to an increased understanding of your vehicle.

The first thing that you will need to do when you realize that you have a flat tire is to ensure that you move away from the flow of traffic. Next, ensure you do use a triangle to alert incoming traffic to exercise caution as they approach you using your triangle.

The next thing that you need to find is a solid and hard location that can allow you to jack up your vehicle. Avoid jacking up in sand or dirt as these conditions may make your vehicle to sink resulting in severe injury.

You should then set out to changing your flat tire by getting the jack, wheel spanner and spare wheel. The procedure should start with you loosening the nuts that hold the wheel. Ensure that you do not remove them at this point. Next, jack up the vehicle to give ample clearance that will allow the wheel to come out with ease. Remove the nuts and then replace the wheel. Next, you should return the nuts in alternating manner to ensure the wheel is aligned properly. Fasten the nuts loosely with a wheel spanner. Lower the jack and then tighten the nuts.

If you feel uncomfortable undertaking any part of this procedure or if you cannot find a stable location or even if the preferred location has traffic that you cannot get away from, call in a professional to help you out. To get more information about cars or car parts, you are free to visit

How to Wire a Car Stereo System

Actually, as a car driver, you should know much better about your car and its car parts. Wiring a car stereo system is not difficult at all. Now here we will introduce the right way of doing this.

First of all, you would need to make a decision if you are likely to change the radio that’s in the dash, do you want to start out with a new head unit. To put it this way, if you want to add the iPod to your car, and your factory radio doesn’t have that function, then you would choose to put a new radio that has the ability to combine with an iPod or XM or Bluetooth.

Then you should start by setting up the new radio in the dash, which of course needs a removal of the factory radio. Placing the adapter plates that match the aftermarket car parts and the harnesses that enable you to plug into the factory wire. In this way, you’re not cutting all your wires and attempting to figure which wire is which.

After that, you nee to wire from the radio back to the amplifier. And the gage of the wiring should decided by the size of the amplifier. As we know, smaller amplifiers clearly take smaller wiring. Better quality means better sound. Cheap wiring is going to give you more troubles.

You are sure to have overheating of amplifier. The wiring has more resistance in it, specifically power wiring, it’s actually replaced with cheaper metals that don’t conduct electricity as well. The signal cables pickup more interference as you get cheaper, as you get higher end they have more noise rejection, so that you have less interference from the cars electrical system and alternator and that sort of thing.

How to Troubleshoot Auto Speakers

If a rattling, hissing or popping noise is coming from your auto speakers, or if one of your speaker systems is dead, it could possibly be time for repair or change. To repair the speaker systems in your vehicle, you will first have to get access to them. You can then carry out a few minor repairs or change the speaker wholly.

For most radios, if there’s one speaker that has a problem, then it will go into a protection mode which causes all the sound to go away. So then you have to start looking at speakers or the wiring going to them if they have been replaced.

Typically, factors speakers to factor wiring is not going to be an issue, and it’s not typically a wiring problem or a short, which is what most people think: “I have a short in my radio.” If the radio’s been replaced with an aftermarket unit and it’s having this problem, it can be in the installation of the aftermarket radio or in the installation of the speakers. In this case, the first thing is to determine what is actually going on. Is the whole stereo not working or is it just the sound’s not working all of a sudden? And then proceed to, you know, diagnose it if it’s in the radio or diagnose it if it’s actually in a defective speaker.

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How to Know If It Is a Dead Battery

Today, we are going to discuss what takes place when your auto battery dies. How to choose a new battery and how to discover what the problem is. Well now let’s have a look at it.

The first and most apparent symptom that your vehicle needs a new battery is the moment you put the key in the ignition switch it, and nothing changes. In some cases, you will hear a small click that is typically the starter cylinoid engaging, but perhaps the battery doesn’t get enough power to turn the engine over. Then you can turn the projector headlights on and see if there is enough power for the lights.

Let’s do some testing to see if we can find it out. To start with, open the hood and take a peek around for dirty connections, corrosion, terminals and then you should use a tester to find how much voltage is. If the battery is below 11 volts, it possibly ought to be changed.

Then we are going to look under the hood and attempt to find where the battery is. The two primary identifying features of the battery will probably be the two big cables and the two big lead terminals leaving them. That enables the battery voltage and cranking amps to head to the starter. Next, find out the top post battery. You can notice these are named posts; they are lead to conduct just as much electricity as possible. They are coming straight up out of the top, top post. These posts are a little bit different sizes, therefore if you change the cables you must be careful to obtain the right size for negative and positive.

That is so that you don’t cross the cables. To take away a side post bolt you may need a 6 mm metric box end wrench or pliers. Now you can carry out a basic test on this battery just before removing it from the auto or purchase a new one.

What Car Accessories Should You Have

There’s a large selection of attractive and amazing auto accessories available on the market today. They can actually improve the appearance, performance and functionality of your car, pickup truck or sports utility vehicle. Part of the more well-known ones are listed here.

Cosmetic Accessories

With cosmetic accessories, you can decorate your vehicle stylishly on the exterior to make it seem as distinctive and as extremely individualized as you prefer. These feature everything from the newest rage of sexy eyelash and acrylic eyeliners, fiber glass and carbon fiber, urethane rear-mounted spoilers, glossy, custom Billet grilles, enamel dependent paint coatings that make the entire body shine and sparkle, custom turn signal lamps, and even fashionably developed roof-installed ski racks.

Performance Accessories

These involve high quality braking products and suspension, such as coil springs, shocks and struts, large and lightweight performance rims, chassis lowering kits or wheels, xenon light bulbs and super performance tyres. These bulbs illuminate the night unlike anything that ever arrived before them. In addition, they don’t trigger any glare to oncoming drivers since the light beam is a lot more narrow and gathered.

The suspension kits create remarkable amounts of enhanced handling, and you may even also fit engine boosting parts that install either inside of the engine, on top of it right under the hood, or towards the back of the car for hugely increased acceleration effects. These expensive items include performance headers, turbochargers and manifolds, power-grabbing carbonite mufflers and dual opening exhaust pipes.

Electronic Accessories

Some of the most outstanding state-of-the-art electronic parts every vehicle owner can think about involve video navigational, satellite radio receivers and positioning systems, DVD receivers, high powered, upscale stereo systems, rear seat mounted satellite TV screens with all the whistles and bells. Most of these items are pricey but they can be invested on credit cards or actually at several retail shops who now provide their own in store financing discounts.

With these gadgets, you can feel as if you’re right at home in the comfort and ease of your own living room around your high-priced home theater system. When driving, you can certainly keep the children engaged with the TVs, and you can go down the highways listening to stunning music, all while being skillfully directed to any place you want to go.

With all of these visible pleasures, your journey will turn heads anywhere you drive. Most auto accessories have been made to be exceptionally durable, and many are guaranteed in such a way that they’re also extremely resistant to any possibilities of theft.

How to Install Front Wheel Bearing Hub Oldsmobile Alero

Do you know how to install front wheel bearing hub Oldsmobile Alero for you car? If you have no idea, you get the guide in this article. First, the tools you needed are listed below:

Jack and Jack stands;
12,13,19 & 35mm Sockets;
Torque Wrench;
Axle Puller;
Large C-Clamp;
Ratchet plus Breaker Bar or Pipe for Leverage.

Then let’s start by removing your hub cap and nuts. Then remove your wheel.

Remove the axle nut by ratchet plus breaker bar or pipe for leverage. And then you can remove the brake caliper and rotor.

Remove the three mounting bolts from the hub and bearing assembly. Note head of bolts faces inwards towards middle of vehicle.

Remove the hub and bearing assembly from the spindle.

Install is the opposite of removal.

How to Replace a Flat Tire in an Easy Way

As a driver, it is very common to come across the inconvenience of a flat tire. This need not cause you a lot of worry that will necessitate you to call in a repair technician. Through learning on a step by step methodology on how to change a flat tire, you will come to the overall realization of a great method that you can use and that will enable you to experience an easy time changing your tire.

The first thing that you need to do is to pop the trunk and lift the hard board that covers your spare tire. Unbolt it from the location that it is fastened and ensure that it has some pressure by tapping on it with your hand.

Remove the wheel, the vehicle jack and the warning triangle. Set up the warning triangle a safe distance from where you are working to alert other drivers to be cautious as they approach your vehicle. Find a stone in the nearby location and place it at the rear wheels that you are looking at working on.

With this done, loosen the nuts to the wheel with a wheel spanner, locate a level location to insert your jack and start jacking up until there is enough clearance to remove the tire.

With this done, remove the nuts that have fastened the flat tire and replace the tire. IF there is not enough ground clearance, you can jack up some more.

When you replace the tire, replace the nuts by placing them in opposites and fasten them loosely with the wheel spanner. Lower the jack and then tighten all the nuts with the wheel spanner. Collect all your working materials and return them to the trunk.