Car Review: The New Toyota 86

Toyota-86-imageThe Toyota 86 seems to be an ordinary sport car which you can compare from the cars produced from Japan but many experts that it can be compared to lightweight sports car from Europe. There are many aspects that you can check and consider if you are planning to buy this latest model from Toyota.

Toyota-86-interiorMany car experts would agree that Toyota 86 possesses an exquisite suspension. The firmness of 86 makes the driver confident that the engine can undertake any road challenge ahead. The steering wheel of the car is quite heavy tan the usual. This is considered as an inconvenience for many car enthusiasts because of the fact that many cars now maintain the lightweight steering wheel. The automated power steering is a general boon to drivers which many car reviews view as accurate and matches the suspension’s feel and heft. Drivers aren’t worried about the speed that they are taking for the challenge of race tracks.

The break of Toyota 86 is also impressive which it owes to its ABS-BED with Brake-Assist System. Drivers can step hard on the breaks to trigger an almost lock up break. This is really important to all the sports car. Many car reviews commend this feature.

The engine has a 2.0-liter 4-cam 16-valve boxer engine which is form Subaru FA20 which can provide an 200 PS and 205 Newton meters of torque. The engine is really flexible with 4,500 to 6,000 rpm and can reach up to the 7,500 rpm with a confident mechanical sound and feral induction.

Toyota-86-gear-shift The gear shift mechanism is a hybrid of Aisin which was designed for Altezza RS200 and Suburu’s STI gear change mechanism. Each gear shift is assisted by easy shunt from the car transmission making the car twitch. Toyota 86 is best to be driven in manual for car enthusiast.

The interior of the 86 is worth mentioning for many drivers. The driving position is really convenient end exquisite because of its seats. The interior is dominated by high-quality plastics. The control is very much accessible.

Toyota-86-rearTo all car enthusiasts, the Toyota 86 is a convenient, swift, easy drive. If you want to tame this car, you have to work on the practice. It will be worth it when you finally attained the fullest potential of the car. Generally, the 86 is an impressive creation of Toyota with a very exquisite hybrid of different innovations.

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