Car Care: The Reason Why You Need a Car With a Dual-Clutch Transmission

There have been so many laudations for the Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT) in the automotive industry. There might be confusions on the name but sequential manual gearbox, clutchless manual transmission, double clutch transmissions are all pertaining to Dual-Clutch Transmission.

If you are planning to invest on this system, here are some of the top reasons why you should buy one.
DCT is an automated manual transmission which means it surpasses the advantages of automatic and manual transmissions car.

It has better gear shifting mechanism which makes it faster than ordinary cars with standard gears.

TransmissionThere is no need for clutch pedal like those of manual transmission and you don’t also need torque converter like those cars with automatic transmission. This system uses multi-plates clutches, computer, solenoids and hydraulics to manage shifting. These will supersede the functions of clutch pedal.

You have computers to rely on the change of gears quickly and smoothly.  You can also depend on the computers to automatically drive and let it do the gear shifting for you. You can always choose to do it manually if you are used to doing it yourself. There is a gear shifter or paddle shifter to either downshift or upshift.

Since DCT is originally designed for racing car, you can expect to have a swift and fast car with you.

Most of DCT use “wet” clutch. This soaks the clutch components by lubricants to lessen friction and decrease the possibility of heat production.

The driver will experience smooth dynamic acceleration. The upshifts can only take 8 milliseconds. This is why many drives consider is as the most efficient car on acceleration. This is because of the fact that that it can lessen or eliminate the shift shock.

DCT technology is cost efficient. Since there is no interruption of power flow from the engine to the transmission the use of fuel can be maximized dramatically.

Basically, these are many advantages of investing in cars with DCT technology. In order to check these claims, you can ask fellow drivers with their experience on DCT technology. It may be costly but the expenses can be worth it. You can choose to read this guide to make your decision in buying a car with DCT. It is important that you should know about these advantages before you jump on an offer which would lead you to regret.


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