Aston Martin Is Winding Down Production Of Its Most Powerful Car — The DBS

Aston Martin is winding down production of its most powerful vehicle, the DBS. A new flagship is probably waiting in the wings to substitute it, but meanwhile Aston made a decision to give the DBS a sendoff. The DBS Ultimate could be the last DBS, but will it be the last word in performance? Will it be “ultimate” in more ways than one?

As a special edition, the DBS Ultimate is similar to an options package that consumers can add to a regular DBS. It is available as a coupe or convertible, and with either a six-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission. The Ultimate gets the same engine as every other DBS: a 6.0-liter V12 with 510 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque.

The option of color is much more limited. There are only two available colors: Silver Fox Quantum Silver and Carbon Black. Customers actually have more color choices for the brake calipers, which are available in red, yellow, or black. The wheels are silver with polished black accents.

Aston Martin DBS UltimateFor an “ultimate” car, this DBS is really pretty subtle. For example, Aston installed some carbon fiber, but only on innocuous areas. The BMW M3 exhibits its carbon fiber roof, and SRT leaves a patch of carbon fiber around the Viper’s tail lights exposed for the same reason. Aston, in contrast, was pleased with its carbon rear diffuser, tail light inserts, mirror caps, and dashboard trim. It’s good to see a car company exercising restraint, didn’t Aston want to send the DBS out with a bang?

The company might not want to steal the thunder of whatever is replacing the DBS. Aston is also focusing on a limited-edition model to celebrate its centennial; that car could be the DBS replacement, or another DBS variant. No matter what, if the Ultimate really is the ultimate DBS, Aston should have used more than unique paint and carbon fiber trim to distinguish it from lesser models.

Aston Martin DBS Ultimate Tail LightsIt might be better to forget the “ultimate” name and think of the DBS Ultimate as a more distinctive version of an already excellent car. After all, the regular DBS is the ultimate Aston Martin. It’s also a movie star; it was James Bond’s ride in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

Still, some people always want more caché, and that is where the DBS Ultimate delivers. It will be exclusive: only 100 will be made. The price will be $287,576 for the coupe and $302,576 for the convertible. Aston will deliver the vehicles sometime next year.

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