An Easy Way to Clean Your Headlight

As we know that the polycarbonate lenses mounted on the LED headlights of most modern vehicles are very light and withstand cracking and chipping better than normal glass. However, over years of exposure to the outside, these lenses can turn out to be yellow and hazy, lowering visibility at night, let alone they don’t look very eye-catching. You can rebuild your lenses to a near factory-fresh appearance and save money over replacements, by polishing and wet-sanding the surface of the lense. Now, let’s take a look at the step by step guide.

1. You should mask off the place around your headlight lense with painter’s tape. And then clean the whole lens with water and a mild soap to clean any dust and debris. And then you should try the lens with a lint-free cloth.

2. Put a piece of 1,000 grit sand paper in cold water about several minutes. Start sanding across the lens horizontally.

3. Change the sand paper with the next finer grit count, and vertically sand the whole surface of the lens. Be sure to remain the lens and paper wet during the process. And now you should repeat this step with each finer grit sand paper, replacing the direction of your sanding motion each time.

4. Again, wash the lens with water. Dry the lens and apply an car polishing compound. Polish the lens with a clean cloth to remove any remaining elements.

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