5 Tips To Keep Your Car from Being Stolen

It is an expensive task to keep your car from being stolen as fixing or replacing stolen cars will cost you a lot. Fortunately, here are a top 5 tips you can follow to help keep the thieves at bay.


Lug Nuts1. Install a lug nut set

Easy-to-use wheel locks function like regular lug nuts but require a special key for removal, making your expensive rims and tires a lot less vulnerable to thieves who like shiny things, an increasingly popular trend.


2. Install a garage door monitor

These nifty doodads are as much about home security as vehicle safety. When your garage door is open, they’ll let you know, many with both audio and visual indicators.


detachable-face stereo 3. Buy a detachable-face stereo

It’s easy to deter stereo theft with a detachable faceplate you can slip into your pocket or purse when you’re not in the car. Since the entire user interface is located on the faceplate, removal renders the stereo useless. They are widely available in all price ranges.


Fit your car with a kill switch4. Fit your car with a kill switch

An ignition kill switch may be bypassed by a professional thief, but it’ll surely stop your average teenage joy-rider. These gizmos are wired to the car’s starter, and require the driver to insert a code or flip a switch before starting the engine. They’re useful only when well hidden, and professional thieves often know where to look, but they’ll often slow them down long enough to get discouraged and move on.


5. Never hide spare keys inside the vehicle

You’ll never come up with a hiding spot an experienced thief doesn’t know about.


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