5 Most Classic Celeb Cars You Cannot Miss

celebs car collectionsIn this post, we are going to meet the top 5 U.S. celebrity cars which is classic and outrageous. Now let’s click through to know more details.


Jay Leno’s big car collection

Jay’s car collectionJay Leno is a legend in the U.S., first for his role hosting The Tonight Show, and second for his incredible car collection. Leno’s collection is so big that his garage accommodates specialist equipment including a water-jet cutter, sheet metal machines and a welding apparatus.

Jay’s collection is seemingly endless and includes a variety of cars including McLarens, Duesenbergs and steam engines. Having a collection of rare exotic cars with more than 100 vehicles is impressive, but what we like best about Leno is his ethos behind his collection – he drives them all.

We hate to see Ferraris and Lamborghinis sat in the garage collecting dust, and it’s nice to know that Jay likes to drive all of his cars – no matter how rare. His famous garage is located in California – not a bad place to drive a bunch of some of the rarest cars ever made.


Jerry Seinfeld’s Porsche collections

Jerry Seinfeld's car collection Porsches are great, we all know that, but Jerry Seinfeld thinks they are a little bit better than great. He is rumoured to have one of the biggest Porsche collections in the world.

We’re not sure exactly how many he has, but when a neighbour complained about his proposed $1.4 million garage to contain the cars; we guessed it’s probably a lot.

Seinfeld has a net worth of around $800 milliom, which isn’t too bad for a comedian, is it? His vast fortune has enabled him to rent out an aircraft hangar at the Santa Monica Airport during the 1990s to hold his collection.

One of his most valuable Porsche’s is the 959 which is worth a reported $700,000 and is one of just 337 ever built. Along with the 959, Seinfeld also has several 911s from decades gone by, and ten Boxsters, each painted in a different colour. We’re not jealous, honest.


Ralph Lauren’s collection includes the incredibly rare McLaren F1LM

Ralph Lauren's collectionMoney isn’t everything, but when you’re as rich as Ralph Lauren you can enjoy spending the money on anything you want – and he likes cars. From Veyrons to Ferrari 250 Tessta Rossas, Ralph Lauren owns some of the rarest, desirable and insane cars ever produced.

It seems that clothing fashion isn’t Lauren’s only passion, because when you have a car collection that rivals Jay Leno’s then you know that you’re a little bit mad. One of our favorite cars in his vast collection is the McLaren F1LM which is one of only five ever made.

It’s a car that only a few people in the world have driven, and we think that if the collection just featured the McLaren, it would be enough. The majority of his collection is held at his massive estate in Katonah, New York – and it’s a place we would love to visit.

According to Forbes, Ralph Lauren has a net worth of around $4.6 billion, which makes him the 173rd richest person in the world. If we had $4.6 billion, we’d definitely have a nice car collection, too.


Peter Jones owns a beige Maybach

Peter Jones owns a beige MaybachWhen you’re worth around $647 million, it’s not hard to own a few nice cars. It’s also hard to buy those cars without people hating you, but this is something Peter Jones has done, and done very well.

He hasn’t got the largest collection, and he may not be American, but what he does have is good stuff. The Americans know and love Peter from the popular American Inventor show that he fronts. Famous for being a true petrol-head, Jones has said publically that he once owned an Alfa-Romeo Sud, which is far cry from his current motors.

We know he has a Maybach in the unfortunate colour of beige, and we also know he has a Ferrari and a Bentley sitting in the garage. It doesn’t sound like much, but would you turn it down?


Wyclef Jean has a Hummer with a fishtank inside

Wyclef Jean has a Hummer The ex-Fugees front Man Wyclef Jean has a passion for cars that has seen him accumulate more than 37 rare cars. From Pagani Zondas to McLaren F1s, Wyclef certainly knows his supercars. Based in Miami, the garage includes a Hummer H2 that features a fish tank inside – pretty extravangant, right?

Wyclef is a true petrol-head, and even though we’d like some of his cars, we can’t be envious of a man with such a passion. He is worth around $50 million, and we guess that if he didn’t have such an expensive love, he’d be worth a lot more than that.


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