5 Different Cars Score Points with the Fairer Sex

different vehicles that win points with the ladiesToday we are going to introduce 5 different vehicles that win points with the ladies. Now, let’s move forward to know more.


1. Porsche 911 GT2 RS

Porsche 911 GT2 RSThere’s nothing like a $245,000 sports car to make a lady go weak in the knees. And its outlandishly-fast 610 horsepower engine, catlike cornering ability, and speed to burn are bound to make her swoon. When owners of this fine automobile begin describing their rise to a lady, it’s not uncommon for her to say, “You had me at Porsche!”


2. Lexus IS F

Lexus IS FOkay, let’s face it: women tend to like men who drive expensive cars. Even so, the Lexus IS F, which starts at around $61,000, still gives you a lot of bang for your buck. It comes with a 416 horsepower 5-liter V8 engine, excellent handling and acceleration, and interior styling such as leather upholstery, heated seats, a Levinson surround-sound system, and a voice-activated navigation system so you can say, “Take us to my super-groovy love cave.”


3. Ford F-150

Ford F-150  imageIf you find a woman who likes pickup trucks, you can almost guarantee that she will be fun loving, free spirited, and low maintenance: much like the Ford F-150 — which also has a smooth ride and features lots of creature comforts. Hey, they don’t call the middle of a pickup’s bench seat the “girlfriend seat” for nothing.


4. Toyota Plug-in Prius Hybrid

The driver of the Prius practically screams to the world, “I wholeheartedly care about the environment!” Since you rarely have to resort to putting fume-belching gasoline in it, you don’t make a habit of befouling the air around you. To women, this sends the message that you are a guy who is sensitive, kind, caring, giving, in touch with your feelings, and all that other touchy-feely crap that women say they like about a man.


5. Mazda 6

Mazda 6This car boasts a nice balance of power, comfort, sportiness, and amenities. But it makes this list because women are always looking for a man who is different from the rest. Which is why they’re drawn to the Mazda 6: because it’s a sedan that’s chock full of style and charisma.

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