3 Components of Your Brake System That Could Fail

brake systemWith brakes working hundreds of times every day, do you still have a confidence in stopping your car in time? How will you notice whether they need new brake pads or rotors.


Car owners will often forget to inspect the performance of their brakes. You should give your brakes a break and have them regularly checked by a brake repair specialist. This inspection typically includes removing all 4 tires and wheels to inspect the pads and rotors for wear.



Three components of the brake system that could fail:

Pads — The alloys used in brake pads and rotors are sometimes very specific. The wrong pads can mean significant damage to rotors and other vital parts. Your vehicle should only receive the pads and other components that are specifically engineered for it.


brake system - rotorsRotors — The pads are just half of the relationship–without properly serviced rotors, your car will not stop as it should. At some point in time, every rotor should be resurfaced according to manufacturer specifications and lubricated properly to make sure the pads get the maximum durability. These steps can make a major difference in your car’s braking performance.


Fluid – This is an often overlooked component of the brake system. The “quantity” is generally checked, but the “quality” is often overlooked. It can become dirty and create problems if it’s supposed to be flowing smoothly to the calipers to stop your car. Clean, new fluid can help extend the life of your entire brake system and save you money on a costly brake repair or replacement in the future.


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