Official Details On 2013 John Cooper Works Countryman

The MINI John Cooper Works Countryman will pioneer a string of firsts for MINI. Not only is it the first JCW variant to come with MINI’s ALL4 all-wheel-drive system, but it will be the first JCW(John Cooper Works) vehicle to offer an available six-speed automatic gearbox as an option to the standard six-speed manual.

All John Cooper Works Countryman models will come with a sport suspension and an aerodynamic body kit featuring revised front and rear end styling and side skirts. Customers can choose between seven primary exterior colors and three contrasting colors for the roof and mirrors, including the JCW-exclusive “Chili Red.”

MINI’s ALL4 all-wheel-drive system ensures that the additional power gets to the ground regardless of road or weather conditions. Under normal driving conditions, all of the engine’s output is directed to the front wheels. Should the car lose traction, an electromagnetic center differential can send up to 50 percent of the power to the rear wheels.

Inside, buyers get sport seats, a sport steering wheel, dark speedometer and tachometer faces, an anthracite headliner and red contrast stitching throughout. John Cooper Works badging reminds you that other Countryman drivers will be seeing your tail lights as you pull away from them at a stoplight.

How to Troubleshoot Auto Speakers

If a rattling, hissing or popping noise is coming from your auto speakers, or if one of your speaker systems is dead, it could possibly be time for repair or change. To repair the speaker systems in your vehicle, you will first have to get access to them. You can then carry out a few minor repairs or change the speaker wholly.

For most radios, if there’s one speaker that has a problem, then it will go into a protection mode which causes all the sound to go away. So then you have to start looking at speakers or the wiring going to them if they have been replaced.

Typically, factors speakers to factor wiring is not going to be an issue, and it’s not typically a wiring problem or a short, which is what most people think: “I have a short in my radio.” If the radio’s been replaced with an aftermarket unit and it’s having this problem, it can be in the installation of the aftermarket radio or in the installation of the speakers. In this case, the first thing is to determine what is actually going on. Is the whole stereo not working or is it just the sound’s not working all of a sudden? And then proceed to, you know, diagnose it if it’s in the radio or diagnose it if it’s actually in a defective speaker.

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Tips to Add Freon to Your Car Air Conditioner

When your vehicle’s air conditioner does not appear to be bring cold air any longer, you may possibly ought to add Freon to the air conditioning system. Auto technicians can ask for hundreds of dollars to finish this, yet you can do it for significantly less if you know exactly how. Learn how to install Freon to a vehicle air conditioner by following these tips.

1. Connect the recharging hoses to your system. The hoses from the gauges adhere to the compressor of your air conditioning system. Attach the shorter hose to the can of Freon.

2. You should open the valve on the can for a few seconds to clear the air from the system. Tighten up the hose connection once again and shut the valve.

3. Start the engine and turn on the air conditioner on High. Enable the refrigerant to enter the system little by little opening the valve for the low-side manifold. Be sure that you are holding the can upright, not permitting any liquid Freon to get into the system.

4. Close the valve and take the hose away from the low-side fitting right after the can is empty. Be very careful when removing the can since there is still a few Freon in the can.

5. Do these steps again if your system requires more than one can of Freon. Putting too much Freon is even worse than not having enough and can easily damage the air conditioning system.

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The Five Best Cars Under $20,000

Although we all prefer to be cruising around in a Porsche or a Bentley, most can’t gather that kind of money. It’s simple and easy to talk about Paganis and Bugattis all day long, but here’s something somewhat more useful: The Top 5 Cars Under $20,000.

1. Ford Focus

The new Focus really is a capable, refined vehicle. It has a feeling of German stability that makes VW feel jealous and an interior that puts most other cars in its class to shame. It sure doesn’t hurt that you can get a Focus Titanium with some sweet leather seats and still be under our $20,000 cap.

Price: $16,500

2. Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen

If you need a car that can carry a couch around in a pinch, the Jetta SportWagen is your friend. Being a VeeDub, it’s got a good ride and has a pleasing feel of solidity. Being a wagon, it can fit everything you own in it without the inherent poor handling, sketchy safety, bad fuel economy, and expensive insurance associated with SUVs. Face it: if you really wanted to off-road, you wouldn’t be looking at an Escalade anyway.

Price: $19,995

3. Fiat 500

It’s lively, efficient, and looks suspiciously like a stylish mid-century toaster. What more could a style-conscious city dweller ask for?

Price: $15,500

4. Suzuki Kizashi

The Suzuki Kizashi is one of the most underrated cars in the world. While most of us associate Suzuki with sad little things that look more like Power Wheels than cars, the Kizashi is a nimbly handling, fairly powerful (180-185hp), efficient offering that really is worth considering next to the commonplace Jettas and Corrolas. Take one for a test drive. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Price: $18,999

5. Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai seems to have gone through puberty in the last couple years. The company went from the awkward adolescent years to sophisticated adult faster than anyone could have expected. While the last Elantra and everything else it shared the showroom with was total rubbish, the new Elantra is a well-made, efficient, stylish, semi-well-equipped automobile. What do we mean by “semi-well-equipped?” You can get an Elantra with heated rear seats, but you can’t get power windows.

Price: $16,445

How to Know If It Is a Dead Battery

Today, we are going to discuss what takes place when your auto battery dies. How to choose a new battery and how to discover what the problem is. Well now let’s have a look at it.

The first and most apparent symptom that your vehicle needs a new battery is the moment you put the key in the ignition switch it, and nothing changes. In some cases, you will hear a small click that is typically the starter cylinoid engaging, but perhaps the battery doesn’t get enough power to turn the engine over. Then you can turn the projector headlights on and see if there is enough power for the lights.

Let’s do some testing to see if we can find it out. To start with, open the hood and take a peek around for dirty connections, corrosion, terminals and then you should use a tester to find how much voltage is. If the battery is below 11 volts, it possibly ought to be changed.

Then we are going to look under the hood and attempt to find where the battery is. The two primary identifying features of the battery will probably be the two big cables and the two big lead terminals leaving them. That enables the battery voltage and cranking amps to head to the starter. Next, find out the top post battery. You can notice these are named posts; they are lead to conduct just as much electricity as possible. They are coming straight up out of the top, top post. These posts are a little bit different sizes, therefore if you change the cables you must be careful to obtain the right size for negative and positive.

That is so that you don’t cross the cables. To take away a side post bolt you may need a 6 mm metric box end wrench or pliers. Now you can carry out a basic test on this battery just before removing it from the auto or purchase a new one.

What Car Accessories Should You Have

There’s a large selection of attractive and amazing auto accessories available on the market today. They can actually improve the appearance, performance and functionality of your car, pickup truck or sports utility vehicle. Part of the more well-known ones are listed here.

Cosmetic Accessories

With cosmetic accessories, you can decorate your vehicle stylishly on the exterior to make it seem as distinctive and as extremely individualized as you prefer. These feature everything from the newest rage of sexy eyelash and acrylic eyeliners, fiber glass and carbon fiber, urethane rear-mounted spoilers, glossy, custom Billet grilles, enamel dependent paint coatings that make the entire body shine and sparkle, custom turn signal lamps, and even fashionably developed roof-installed ski racks.

Performance Accessories

These involve high quality braking products and suspension, such as coil springs, shocks and struts, large and lightweight performance rims, chassis lowering kits or wheels, xenon light bulbs and super performance tyres. These bulbs illuminate the night unlike anything that ever arrived before them. In addition, they don’t trigger any glare to oncoming drivers since the light beam is a lot more narrow and gathered.

The suspension kits create remarkable amounts of enhanced handling, and you may even also fit engine boosting parts that install either inside of the engine, on top of it right under the hood, or towards the back of the car for hugely increased acceleration effects. These expensive items include performance headers, turbochargers and manifolds, power-grabbing carbonite mufflers and dual opening exhaust pipes.

Electronic Accessories

Some of the most outstanding state-of-the-art electronic parts every vehicle owner can think about involve video navigational, satellite radio receivers and positioning systems, DVD receivers, high powered, upscale stereo systems, rear seat mounted satellite TV screens with all the whistles and bells. Most of these items are pricey but they can be invested on credit cards or actually at several retail shops who now provide their own in store financing discounts.

With these gadgets, you can feel as if you’re right at home in the comfort and ease of your own living room around your high-priced home theater system. When driving, you can certainly keep the children engaged with the TVs, and you can go down the highways listening to stunning music, all while being skillfully directed to any place you want to go.

With all of these visible pleasures, your journey will turn heads anywhere you drive. Most auto accessories have been made to be exceptionally durable, and many are guaranteed in such a way that they’re also extremely resistant to any possibilities of theft.

How to Disable Your Vehicle Alarm

Today we are going to discuss with you something about how to disable a car alarm. You will need to find exactly where the alarm is, not the alarm itself but the horn is that they add and disconnect that. However, it will disable the alarm so that you are not be able to drive it. Alarms when they do bring about they disable the whole vehicle and there is actually no way of having around them.

The first thing you should do is disconnect your negative battery terminal. Then you need to leave this off for at least one minute and ideally with a factory alarm it will reset while you plug it back in.

You actually have to take aftermarket alarm systems out and change them but for the fact of disabling the factory alarm or even the other one leave this battery post off for about a minute and then hook it back up and preferably your alarm will stay off.

Disconnecting this post right here ought to sit for another five minutes before it disables the back battery.

How to Change A Tire in An Easy Way

A change of tire need not cause a lot of headache to you. It is advisable that you learn on how to do this so that you can have a lot of ease that will help you in the overall realization of whatever it is that you are aiming to achieve. In so doing, you will come to the overall realization of a great method that you can use and that will lead you to success in changing your tire with a lot of ease.

To begin the procedure of changing your car tire, you should find your spare tire from your truck.

It s advised that first of all find a flat and sturdy location that you can use to place your jack. This is important as it will help you in ensuring that your vehicle is on a safe location that you can work on.

Place your jack on the pinch rail and lift the vehicle to a location that gives you enough clearance off the ground.

Next, ensure that you undo the nuts to the wheel. This should be done in an anticlockwise manner. Place these nuts safely and then remove the wheel. Make sure that you exercise maximum care when using the wheel to ensure that you do not injure yourself.

When installing the spare tire, you might need to jack up the vehicle a little further so as to give you clearance to install the spare.

With this done, reinstall the nuts on the wheel in anticlockwise position and tighten loosely with your wheel spanner.

Lower the jack and then tighten the lug nuts.

Five Amazing Road Trip Cars for You

1. Mercedes Benz E-Class Wagon
Base Price: $57,150
Road-trip-friendly Features: Comfort, massive amounts of space, AWD for road trips to the Yukon
Mpg (city/highway): 19/27
Number Of Cup Holders: 4
Cubic Feet Of Cargo Capacity: 57.4

This Benz doesn’t just have the comfort of a superbly engineered E-class. It has enough cargo room for six months worth of supplies.

2. Aston Martin Rapide

Base Price: $207,895
Road-trip-friendly Features: Sex appeal, comfort, cargo capacity, V12 for passing Buicks
Mpg (city/highway): 13/19
Number Of Cup Holders: 3
Cubic Feet Of Cargo Capacity: 31.3

If James Bond didn’t get all of his friends killed, he’d drive one of these. Four can travel in the utmost style in this Aston.

3. Ford Mustang Convertible
Base Price: $27,310
Road-trip-friendly Features: Channelling Steve McQueen, the wind in your hair, Americana
Mpg (city/highway): 19/31
Number Of Cup Holders: 2
Cubic Feet Of Cargo Capacity: 9.6

For a 300hp muscle car, the Ford Mustang gets fantastic fuel economy. Cargo room may be lacking, but that’s what the back seats are for. The Mustang road trip is an American rite of passage. It must be done.

4. Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS
Base Price: $134,700
Road-trip-friendly Features: Leather and alcantara, Ferrari engine, seeing the peasants in their slow sedans as you pass them
Mpg (city/highway): 11/18
Number Of Cup Holders: 4
Cubic Feet Of Cargo Capacity: 15

While it’s not the fastest sedan in the world, it is certainly one of the most dynamically pleasing and quite possibly our favorite.

5. Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen TDI
Base Price: $25,540
Road-trip-friendly Features: Fuel economy, enough cargo room for another car, real green cred
Mpg (city/highway): 30/42
Number Of Cup Holders: 4
Cubic Feet Of Cargo Capacity: 66.9

Hybrids may pollute the environment a ton in production, and seep horrible chemicals into landfills when the batteries give up, but diesels are clean and efficient, without any of the drawbacks of hybrids. The leather interior of the Jetta Wagon is sure a plus at this price point.

How to Install Front Wheel Bearing Hub Oldsmobile Alero

Do you know how to install front wheel bearing hub Oldsmobile Alero for you car? If you have no idea, you get the guide in this article. First, the tools you needed are listed below:

Jack and Jack stands;
12,13,19 & 35mm Sockets;
Torque Wrench;
Axle Puller;
Large C-Clamp;
Ratchet plus Breaker Bar or Pipe for Leverage.

Then let’s start by removing your hub cap and nuts. Then remove your wheel.

Remove the axle nut by ratchet plus breaker bar or pipe for leverage. And then you can remove the brake caliper and rotor.

Remove the three mounting bolts from the hub and bearing assembly. Note head of bolts faces inwards towards middle of vehicle.

Remove the hub and bearing assembly from the spindle.

Install is the opposite of removal.