Creating a Custom Stitch Craft Vehicle Interior

Are you looking to have your vehicle to be to be the coolest among its peers? There is no better way that you can do this than having a custom made vehicle interior. In having a custom made vehicle interior, you will be able to have the vehicle that you want and in the colors that you would like, and more importantly, in the materials that you would like to use.

To begin with, you need to take out the pieces that have made the stitching so that you can create a great cut out of the dimensions of material that you will need to use so that you have a great overall vehicle interior styling. The dimensions that you get will then be plotted into a computer that will help you in producing an overall great quality of work that will help in the presentation of a great vehicle interior.

In using a computerized cut template, you are guaranteed of getting an absolute exact match of the piece that you did have from the custom vehicle.

The templates that are plotted to the settings that you input into the computer so it is important that you make sure that you do an absolute great job in plotting in these. This will help you in having your custom stitches an absolute match to those that are in the original vehicle. Having cut out these, you should also choose on the material that you would like to use. In so doing, you will have a stunning vehicle interior that you will be stunned of. The best way you can do is to add some car parts which can embody yourself on your vehicle.

How to Install 2004-2008 Ford F150 Headlight

Headlights are essential car safety components, since they’re important to inclement-weather and nighttime driving. It’s also technically unlawful to drive without headlights. Luckily, the Ford headlight assemblies on the whole fleet of Ford vehicles are very similar, thus these guides for 2004-2008 Ford F150 can be adopted for your Ford models.

Your first step is to remove the plastic Phillips clip securing the headlight truck. After doing so, you remove the three 10mm bolts securing the headlight.

Step two is to remove headlight and disconnect all the light sockets.

Then install the light sockets into the Spyder headlight. Set the headlight and re-install three 10mm bolts. Don’t forget to install the plastic phillips clip to secure the headlight.

Last step is to check your headlights, of course.

How to Install Toyota Tail Lights

Installation of Toyota Tail Lights

Required Tools: 3/8 drive ratcht; 10mm socket; panel popper.

Step one: remove your trunk carpet.

Step two: remove 2 plastic clips securing the plastic truck and take plastic trim away from your car. Now you car remove 3 plastic clips securing the carpet truck liner.

Step three: pull trunk liner aside and use panel popper to remove three 10mm nuts. Then disconnect the tail light harness.

Step four: install a new tail light and tighten it with three 10mm nuts.

Step five: connect tail light harness. Then reinstall the carpet liner and three clips.

Step six: check your tail lights.

Top Five Ways to Maintain Your Car in Winter

On a cold Monday morning in winter after a snowstorm, you get into your vehicle and are going to drive of­f to work. The engine’s a little bit sluggish today, but you do not pay attention to it to a stop sign before keeping driving — i­t generally is during the winter, but the aged heap’s never let you down, right? What could probably go wrong?

In this article, we lay out the top five tips for getting your car through the winter and staying safe out there during tough road conditions. For more details of how to maintain your car and car parts, please keep reading.

Tip One: Keep Emergency Kits Inside Your Car

Flashlights and flares are helpful if you’re stuck on the road late at night when visibility levels are low. Even if you’re wearing a coat, an extra pair of gloves, boots or even a blanket can keep you warm and dry if your heating unit isn’t working properly.

Tip Two: Ensure Your 4-Wheel Drive Works Properly

Remember, having a 4WD system doesn’t mean you can drive figure eights around icy parking lots or drive faster than you normally would in a regular car. 4WD can improve your SUV’s traction on snow and ice from a stationary position, but it doesn’t make your tires grip the pavement any better when you brake.

Tip Three: Check Your Vehicle’s Belts and Hoses

Cold temperatures can weaken belts and hoses, and if something snaps or breaks while you’re out on the road, a tow truck will be the only way to get moving again.

Tip Four: Check Your Oil and Oil Viscosity

our owner’s manual should tell you the ideal type of oil you should use, and it also might specifically suggest a thinner oil type depending on the season. Remember, most technicians recommend that you change your oil every 3,000 miles or once every three months.

Tip One: Check Your Car’s Battery

Car batteries last for about three to five years, so it’s best to keep track of how old yours is. If it’s time to get a new one, you can replace it in the fall when batteries typically go on sale. Winter months are tough on your engine and cause it to work harder, and this puts more pressure on the battery.

How to Use a Jack Stand on Your Car

As a vehicle owner, one of the things that you are always after is comfort and safety while driving. It is therefore important that you outline on simple procedures that you can undertake to ensure that you achieve this. One of the most important car parts of the vehicle that ensure security and ultimately safety are the shock absorbers in the vehicle. It is therefore important that you learn on how to inspect, remove, to remove and to maintain the condition of your shock absorbers.

If you need to inspect on the shock absorbers, you will need to use the services of a jack which is a mechanical support device created for the function of supporting the weight of your vehicle. You need to know of the best location t install your jack stand so as to avoid placing excessive pressure on your vehicle and having it very high. If you are working on a small vehicle, you can opt to place the jack on the front suspension parts while working on the front suspension or the pinch wield of the vehicle.

If you are working on a larger vehicle, particularly trucks, slide your jack under the radius arm of the vehicle. The radius arm will be most unique to the Ford vehicle model and can be used to take in the pressure. To make the radius arm sit on the jack stand, you should release pressure from your hydraulic jack and this makes the radius arm of the vehicle to slowly sit on the jack stand that ought to be located under the radius arm.

You can also place your jack stand on the pinch wield of your vehicle but please note that you should always look out to avoid areas that are rusting on the pinch wield.

Top Five Vehicles will Gain Big Money at Barrett-Jackson

Along with the Barrett-Jackson auction starting out in Scottssdale, Ariz., and working through the weekend, we asked Craig Barrett and company to tell us what cars are most likely to win the most interest. Now let’s take a look at this list together.

1. 1948 Tucker Torpedo

The 1948 Tucker sedan was an advanced automobile conceived by Preston Tucker and briefly produced in Chicago in 1948. Only 51 examples were made before the company folded on March 3, 1949. Studebaker was first with an all-new post-war model. But Tucker took a different tack, designing a safety car with innovative features and modern styling. His specifications called for a rear engine like Porsche, disc brakes, fuel injection and a padded dashboard. Of the 51 cars built (50 production and 1 prototype), 47 still exist, the majority in excellent condition.

2. DeSoto Adventurer II

One-off concept built by Ghia on a Chrysler Imperial chassis with a Hemi engine that was sold new to King Mohammed V of Morocco. Classified as one of the top ten concept cars ever constructed. An innovative feature that seems never to have been replicated was the sliding-into-the-trunk backlight, opening up the roof behind the seats, giving a draft-free open area and many of the advantages of a convertible with none of the inconveniences.

3. 1954 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

This is one of only 146 that were built in 1954. This car was originally purchased by the late Willet H. Brown/Hillcrest Motors Collection, at Hollywood Mercedes. With only 4,149 original miles this Gullwing is one of the lowest mileage Gullwing’s in existence. It comes with its original tools, manual, service book and registration card from 1962-1965. Having been repainted once, in its original color, everything else on the car is all original.

4. 1949 Delahaye 135 MS prototype

This 135 MS prototype came to life as a factory demo to promote the concessionaires, exporters and shippers for Delahaye in Great Britain. Built on a Delahaye chassis with an inline 6 cylinder 3.5-litre engine with Cotal semi-automatic transmission.

5. 1932 Ford Custom Roadster, the “Boydster II”

Designed by Chip Foose, the “Boydster II” won an award as America’s Most Beautiful Roadster in 2003 and was a finalist for the Detroit Autorama Great 8. It has a handmade steel exterior styling.

Changing the Tire of a 10 Inch Rear Sprocket

If you have a sprocket that comes in with its wheel and you would like to change the tire, then there is no doubt that you can surely benefit from learning on how to change its tire or even tube as the procedure is quite easy.

Prior to starting out on any work that you would want to do on the 10 inch wheel, it is important that you remove any air pressure that might be in the wheel. This allows you to work on the tire with a lot of ease. Next, remove the 4 hub nuts that are there. This will help you separate the sprocket bolts and spacers and allow you to work on the sprocket with ease.

Next, push off the two hubs that are there to provide support for the tire. This should leave you with the tire and the tube. You can remove the tube and observe its condition. If it is old and worn out, replace it too. However, if it still is fine, you can use it for the new tube. Make sure that you check for nails or thorns that might have pierced a flat tube, remove them and then mend the tube.

When placing the tube in the tire, it is advisable that it should have a little air. This prevents it from being pinched by the hubs of the wheel during installation. Also ensure that when replacing the hub, you line up the nozzle to the hole that is provided on the rim. As you are doing this, ensure that the tube is not pinched. Reinstall the valves and then the lug nut, align the wheel and then tighten the nuts.

More information about car parts and their installations, you can keep reading.

Most Popular Cars of the Week

The 2012 Honda CR-V is a fashionable and superior crossover. With a fresh interior and a more car-like driving experience, the CR-V stands out in comfort. Regardless of being much smaller than a lot of its rivals, the CR-V find a way to provide more interior volume than the Chevrolet Equinox, for example.  Continue reading more about the CR-V below, and much positive to check out the top reviews of the week.

1.  2011 Toyota Camry
2.  2012 Hyundai Elantra
3.  2012 Subaru Impreza
4.  2012 Honda Pilot
5.  2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
6.  2012 Honda CR-V
7.  2012 Volkswagen Passat
8.  2012 Honda Civic
9.  2012 Ford Focus
10. 2012 Volvo S60

Guide to Installing Replacement Hood Support Struts in Ford Expedition F150 199 -2003 Model

One of the most important things that you are looking to achieve when you own a car is to have your vehicle in the top most condition. In doing this, you are going to learn of a great method that will help you in the overall realization of a great driving experience and improve on safety. Every once in a while, your vehicle will require a change of parts and this requires time and also some money. To save on these two, it is important that you take time in learning these so that you become good.

To change on a hood of the Ford F150, all that you need to do is that you will need to pop the hood.

Upon doing this, the hood support is held by a clip that you will need to pop out using a small screw driver. This needs a replacement of the lift cylinders that are readily available in most auto shops and your problem will be fixed.

Having removed the two clips that hold in the support strut, all that you will need is for you to install the replacement in the same way that you did remove the worn out support strut and your problem will be fixed.

Having installed on the support strut, it is important that you check that it is working fine by lightly lowering the hood and lifting it back up. If everything seems to be in order, shut the hood firmly and go on to the road and enjoy your great looking car.


How to Change a Broken Hood Latch of the Chevy S10 Blazer

If you are one of the drivers on the road, it is said that you need to save time and money by keeping your vehicle in mint condition. To achieve this, it is important that you learn on how to perform some simple repair that can help you come to great savings.

If you own or drive a Chevy S10 Blazer and have a broken hood latch, this need not worry you and necessitate you to visit the repair shop. The reason to this is because you can easily repair on these to ensure that you do get the desired value. The most common problem that may cause your hood latch to break is the lack of lubrication. You need to note that these parts are always in motion when you pop up the hood or close it. It is therefore important that you ensure it is well lubricated. To replace this, you will require a 13 mm wrench that unbolts two 13 mm bolts that hold firm the hood latch.

When you are done unbolting the hood latch, it is important that you take time to slowly undo the hood latch cable that enables you to pop the hood when you are in the vehicle. A flat blade screw driver should help you in doing this. While removing the hood latch cable, ensure that you do both affect the hood cable that is there as this keeps the hood cable in place.

The re-installation of the cables normally follows the same uninstallation method that you used. If you want to have the level of your hood down, you should ensure that you lower the hood latch and also lower rubber stoppers that are on either side of the clockwise or vice versa if you would like your hood up.